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You’ll save money on your Diploma, with up to 60% savings when compared to studying at a traditional tertiary institution.

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You can pay in installments and choose from monthly / quarterly payment options.


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Coursework is applicable to your career, giving you real world skills that can be applied to management positions.

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You can study at your own pace with a wealth of resources available to download and view online.

Make a Career of Your Passion for Computers and Technology

Technology drives innovation in the modern world. You can follow your dream career by enrolling for the Bachelor Of Computer Science in Cyprus.

Studying for your Diploma will give you valuable industry-focused knowledge by allowing you to get through your diploma Cisco, AWS Training in Cyprus, and Fortigate Training in Cyprus while making you eligible for an exemption from the first and second years of a university Degree. If you want to fast track your education to work in a field that you’re passionate about, it’s time to enroll.

With a 240-credit course, you can fast track your way towards a Top-Up BSc Computing Degree

Modules covered in the IT and Computing
Diploma are equivalent to
first and second year of University Degree

✔ Completing only the Level 4 course will give you 120 credits towards an associated undergraduate Degree. This will make you eligible for an exemption from the first year of university tuition.

✔ Completing both the Level 4 and Level 5 courses will give you the full 240 credits to make you eligible for an exemption from the first and second years of university tuition.

✔ Each level includes 10 modules and 8 written assignments. Modules cover approximately 40 hours of guided learning material, supplemented by 30 to 50 hours of optional material. Recommended exercises, reading, and other resources are available on request.

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Learners Journey

Learner Journey

Diploma Details

Academic Intake – Yearly

 Duration – 3 Years

 Credits – 360

  • No extra cost:
    • All Course Material, including online modules and written assignments.
    • Dedicated student support Access to an online Social Learning forum
    • 1 hour Tutor kick-off session 1-2-1 skype for guidance and assignment provision

    Optional –  (Adhoc):
    Personal tutor support with 1-2-1 Skype sessions with extra €15/hour

To enroll onto the Level 4 course, you must be at least 18 and have a full secondary education. Before enrolling onto the Level 5 course, you must have attained a Level 4 or equivalent.

Introduction to Computing

This module will explore the functions of computing systems and the basics of design, configuration and routine maintenance.

Introduction to Programming

This module examines the basis of OOS and how programming fits into the broader aspects of usage of applications.

Introduction to Databases

This module will enable understanding of database design and development and enable students to develop and design a database and explore solutions to meet client brief . Learners will learn how to design a database.

Requirements Engineering

This module is concerned with the analysis of IT and computing needs to develop requirement specifications and develop and test prototypes.

Systems Analysis and Design

This module provides an understanding of IS concepts and how they relate to organisation needs in respect of business processes and transformation of information.

E- Commerce Applications

This module explores the role of eCommerce in the modern world and in particular the identification of aims and objectives within a business and the design issues arising from the definition of requirements.

Human Computer Interaction

This module will develop students understanding of principles and models of Human Computer Interaction and evaluate existing HCI design and principles and use this to help them plan their own prototype multimedia user interface.

IT and Society

This module examines the impact of technology on society and explores trends and changes created. It will examine management issues and potential conflicts in terms of security and data management.

Information Systems Project Management

This module explores elements of project management key to successful development and implementation of specific IT projects.

Management Information Systems

This module focuses on understanding concepts of information systems and how they support business needs in terms of information processing and data processing.

Innovative Technologies in Computing

This module looks at innovative trends and disruptive advances taking place and examines the new generation of skills and knowledge that will be required to work successfully in the sector.

Computing Research Methods

This module will explore the knowledge and skills required to undertake research in this field and the qualitative and quantitative approaches required including use of literature and design of research proposals.

Software Development Methodologies

This module looks at the role of systems engineering in development of software and various models of data, software and processes using modelling approaches.

Computing Project Planning

Creating and managing projects has changed over the years with the development of sophisticated IT Software, this Module focuses on how being a project manager in the 80’s differs to being a project manager in today’s world.

Strategic Management Information Systems

This module is concerned with developing an understanding of the strategic role of MIS within the organisation and how it impacts on the broader objectives and strategy of the business.

Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in IT

This module explores current issues in the IT sector and how these may impact on areas of security, confidentiality, privacy and the law.

Network Design and Management

This module explores the principles of networks and network design and implementation and support of network systems.

Web Based Development

This module will explore the design, deployment and management of virtualisation and explore its commercial and potential impact.

Cyber Security

This module will enable an understanding of the importance of digital security to business, to understand industry standards of digital security and be able to recommend improvements in security.

Advanced Databases

This module focuses on understanding database design and development includes advanced languages to analyse and query database data. Students will research database management and critically test and evaluate databases.

The program has two phases, the first phase is the ATHE Level 4 and 5 Diploma in Computing which is delivered by SCP Business School Online and awarded by ATHE  – an Ofqual regulated UK awarding body. The second phase is the Top-Up to one of the Universites found here:

Graduates can pursue careers in:

• IT Management/Consultancy

• Software Engineering

• Networking

• Data Management

• Cyber Security

• Information Systems Management

IT and Computing Diploma fees:

Level 4 

The fee for enrolling for Level 4 is €2200 incl. VAT (installments accepted up to 14 months x €158)

The registration fee is €350


Level4 and Level 5

The fee for enrolling in the Level 4 and Level 5 Diploma is €3500 incl. VAT (installments accepted up to 24 months x €146)

The registration fee is €350 per level

Simply follow the steps given below to enroll:
1. Fill enrollment form on-line found here
2. Pay enrollment fee of €350 after you have received your invoice
(This can be paid online using credit or debit card) or PayPal

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