How Will I Be Assessed for Online Diploma Courses?

The assessment process at SCP Business School is designed to be simple and stress free.

✔ At the completion of each module, you will take a multiple-choice assessment comprised of 30 questions. Assessments are conducted over a full hour, with questions presented in sets of five, allowing ample time to edit or review your answers. Tests automatically time out after 60 minutes.

✔ Test results are provided immediately, taking away the stress and anxiety of traditional assessment systems. A Certificate of Completion is provided for tests that are passed. There are no deadlines on when modules should be completed, and any test that isn’t passed can be referred and retaken later. This system allows you to study at your own pace, giving you the flexibility to incorporate your education into your lifestyle and other commitments.

✔ Once all modules and assessments have been completed, final written assignments can be taken. These assignments consolidate learning from throughout the modules to test your knowledge. You will receive your Diploma from the relevant awarding organisation when you have successfully completed all modules, multiple choice assessments, and assignments.

✔ Your Diploma will make you eligible for a Top Up course through universities in the UK. A 240-credit course will make you eligible for exemption on two full years of university study. Top up courses are available through distance learning online, or on campus.